About Me

Hello!  Thank you for taking a moment to look around my portfolio.

Much to my parents’ chagrin, this farm girl was born with an urge to see things for herself.  I will never forget the first time I saw downtown Chicago.  I was amazed and enthralled with the architecture.  Or when I went to Shreveport Louisiana and my friend’s Mama showed me how to de-vein shrimp for my very first gumbo.  Or when my husband and I “slipped to New Orleans” for  a weekend and ate beignets and listened to jazz on Bourbon Street at 2 am.

Or visiting the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC and seeing Frederic Edwin Church’s Niagara after spending the summer in the basement at the Sheldon Gallery researching waterfall imagery and then following that up with a trip to the actual falls.  It was breathtaking.

I studied for six months in Costa Rica, working on my Spanish skills and learning about rainforests and Ticos.  My family and I lived for a year in Japan, where we were exposed to two novel cultures we hadn’t been part of before, that of the US Military and that of the Japanese people, and recently, I spent a week in Oaxaca Mexico.

Oaxaca is interesting to me because it is the birthplace of several cultures and the inspirational source for many Mexican artists, including Rodolfo Morales whose work I especially enjoy.   One of the reasons I admire him is because he turned around and took his success as an artist and shared it with the people of his pueblo.  He used his success to fund several projects renovating landmarks in the Oaxaca area, but even more than just renovating the physical, he made a point to hire local people, especially local women to do the actual work.  The women received training that they could use both to restore local treasures but also to find employment. I find this kind of project inspiring, and motivating.

As I stated on the homepage, as a teacher, it is my goal to open options for students.  I want them to learn skills that they can use to improve their lives.  I want for them to realize that they have the ability to open the doors to the places they want to go.  By learning a second language, the numbers of doors that are available to them has increased both at home and abroad.  I love to observe people expanding their horizons, and I would be honored if my actions could be a help to others.


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