General Competency Eight.  The teacher candidate understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social and physical development of the learner.

Principle 8.  Language teachers understand and use a variety of assessment strategies to monitor student learning, to inform language and culture instruction, and to report student progress.


My philosophy is that the test itself can be a learning tool both for the teacher and for the student; I am not assessing the students to have them show what they know as much as to determine what they don’t yet know and what needs to be taught or reviewed. Any assignment or project or question can be considered an assessment.  Depending on the skills that you want to explore, there are many types of assessments available.  I made this graphic organizer  about assessing learners.

In practicum, we decided to try a new kind of assessment for our kids.  Our first chapter was incredibly long, and the students had already taken a bunch of quizzes related to the material, and instead of giving them one more test right before the semester final, we decided to assign them a video project.  It was so much fun to see them take what they have learned and actually use it!  And by providing a “Performance Based Assessment” we were actually able to assess their communicative abilities.  They were given a packet that clearly defined the steps they were to use, and the requirements that they were to fulfill.

In a glogster type assignment, the glogster itself, produced by the student, can be the assessment that demonstrates the students’ understanding of the topic.  Also, in that assignment, based on the Royalty of Spain, I asked the students to prepare questions about the topic they researched, which could then be added to an online assessment, which also functions as a learning tool that allows the students to quiz themselves on the information gathered by their classmates.  Even an alphabet sorter, can be presented as an assessment in that it gives the students an opportunity to demonstrate remembered vocabulary.


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